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The transhumanist guru, James Hughes, grouses about an essay apparently written by Rich Hayes of the Center for Genetics and Society. Hayes and the Center are definitely and firmly on the political and pro choice left. But since he and it oppose the new eugenics of transhumanism, Hughes accuses Hayes and the Center of opposing true procreative freedom, a typical paranoid rant of the transhumanist crowd. Hayes’ essay (which I have not read) must have drawn blood because Hughes brings out the biggest supposed gun in his advocacy arsenal, accusing Hayes and the Center of being in league with the dreaded religious right. As if. Hey, J: The religious right opposes the genocide at Darfur. Does that mean good liberals should support it?

Hughes goes on to “compliment” me for having the courage to supposedly break with the “reality based community” due to my being part of the DI. I’m not part of the reality based community??? Hughes believes that humans will one day be made immortal and that we will all be able to upload our minds into computers where we will spend eternity enjoying group consciousnesses with our fellow post humans. Of the two of us, I hardly think I am the one who is reality challenged.

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