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This is a recording of a Norton Lecture delivered by Dr. Alvin Plantinga on October 25 of last year. Here he lays out why there is deep discord between science and naturalism, or atheism. The argument goes (in super-simplified form) that, while Christians believe that one of the signal characteristics of being a creature made in the image of God is the ability to know , to discern the really real, those who deny a Creator can only assume that evolution has outfitted humans with this capacity. Evolution may just as well have inculcated a propensity for self-deception as a survival mechanism. (Plantinga’s quotation from Darwin, in which the father of evolutionary science expresses a “horrid doubt” about whether the “convictions of men’s minds, which have been developed from the lower animals,” are in the end “trustworthy,” says it all.)

I see Plantinga’s argument emerging time and again in Christian apologetics today, especially contra the New Atheism. (See Timothy Keller’s upcoming The Reason for God —about which more in the next couple of weeks.)

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