Douglas Kmiec—-former dean of the law school at the Catholic University of America, the current chair of constitutional law at Pepperdine University, and the man who chaired Mitt Romney’s Committee on the Constitution—-wrote this article for Slate : ” Reaganites for Obama? Sorry McCain. Barack Obama is a Natural for the Catholic Vote ” I can’t quite follow the argument he’s making; I’m not even sure if there is an argument.

And in an online piece for The New Republic , Debbie Nathan argues that the New York Times is squishy about abortion: “What is The New York Times’ problem with abortion? The editorial page consistently supports sex education, birth control, and the right to legally end unwanted pregnancy. The rest of the Times , however, often seems uncomfortable with concrete applications of these principles. Not a season goes by that a news item or magazine feature doesn’t imply that women who get abortions are acting with egotism, unhealthiness, and cruelty.” Ross Douthat has some helpful comments on it here .