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More on AB 2747

By Bobby SchindlerHere is more on California Bill AB 2747 by disability rights advocate Marilyn Golden. Thankfully, this bill, which is being sponsored by California Assemblymembers Patty Berg and Lloyd Levine is being exposed for what it really is, a backdoor attempt to legalize physician assisted . . . . Continue Reading »

Nazi doctor wins medical award

By Alex SchadenbergDr. Hans-Joachim Sewering, a 92-year-old german physician has been honored for performing unequalled service in the cause of freedom of the practice and the independence of the medical profession, and to the nation’s health system by the German Federation of Internal . . . . Continue Reading »

Will Wonders Never Cease?

By Jennifer LahlA friend sent me the link to this news story the other day. In this Culture of Death, I never ceased to be amazed with the miraculous. This story highlights, yet another person, not quite dead yet, who suddenly and amazingly woke up. Her family said their good byes, and had pulled . . . . Continue Reading »

The Big Easy Shows Us How It’s Done

By Jennifer LahlLouisiana just passed through their Senate committee, HR 370, which if passed, would ban the use of public funds for human cloning research. Hooray! Great model legislation moves forward without opposition and is headed to the Senate floor for a vote. Since its not being resisted, I . . . . Continue Reading »

EU Court to Rule if Chimp is "Person!

Can’t even take a vacation! But this is very big:Chimp personhood is a primary goal that animal right activists seek to attain and then use as a wrecking ball to disintegrate human exceptionalism. Once a court’s declares a chimpanzee to be a full person, that ruling would make chimps, in . . . . Continue Reading »

54 ill as new toxic fume suicide hits Japan

By Alex SchadenbergCNN news has reported about a suicide case in Japan that resulted in 54 people becoming sick from the toxic fumes related to the suicide concoction that was composed of a liquid pesticide. this . . . . Continue Reading »

Obsessed with Death

By Bobby SchindlerI found this article very interesting, or should I say pathetic?Philip Nitschke recently appeared as a witness in a euthanasia trial. Evidently, the prosecutor claimed that he was “hell-bent” on helping a man to commit assisted suicide despite the fact that he suffered . . . . Continue Reading »



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