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Re: Agenbites and Anti-Agenbites

Re your blogs on agenbites and anti-agenbites, Jody, I appreciate all the fun that can be had with such words, and I have much enjoyed many of the examples, but there’s another aspect to such words that—to me, at least—is even more fascinating. If we get strict with agenbites and . . . . Continue Reading »

Patti Berg: Calling It as it Isn’t

For years, California Assemblywoman Patti Berg (D- Mill Valley) has resorted to every conceivable maneuver she could think of to pass an assisted suicide bill through the California Legislature. She failed. So now, she is trying a different approach: Under the guise of requiring doctors to disclose . . . . Continue Reading »

More Commentary on Swiss Nonsense

I did a lot of media on my “Silent Scream of the Asparagus” piece in the Weekly Standard. But I am certainly not alone in noticing the extremes to which the Swiss are now going, not only with plant “dignity,” but also with certain “rights” for social . . . . Continue Reading »

More Agenbites

I’ve gotten some early responses to my attempt to describe words that sound true of themselves , and I thought I’d pass them along. A linguistics professor at Swarthmore points out that Russian linguists have a term for these words, obrazopodrazhatel’no , which means, literally, . . . . Continue Reading »

One College That’s Getting It Right

I was stunned. I have been teaching college freshmen for about thirty years in big state institutions, elite conservatories, smallish private universities, and Christian colleges, and I’d never seen anything like it. Like many of us reading these pages, I was in the middle of that spring . . . . Continue Reading »



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