More "Anti-Science" McCarthyism

Good grief, there they go again. If you disagree with the progressive political view, er, I mean, the “scientific consensus,” you are branded as “anti science.” Another in a wearying series of cases in point is today’s hysterical rant about global warming by Joseph Romm . . . . Continue Reading »

Election Q&A

Question: Which presidential candidate has a son who served in Iraq? Further question: Why doesn’t he talk about it? For the answers, see this editorial in the Jerusalem Post . . . . . Continue Reading »

Twinkies vs. Crème Brûlée

Shopping for light summer reading is like shopping for desserts in a supermarket. Most books are unfortunately like Hostess twinkies, but if you look hard enough you can find a nice crème brûlée or a tarte aux framboises . (Okay, it’s like shopping in a . . . . Continue Reading »

The Latest on Mark Steyn

David Warren gives us the latest on Mark Steyn and the Canadian human rights courts: As was perfunctorily reported on Thursday, the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission, one of three HRCs to which Islamists took Maclean’s magazine for having published Mark Steyn, has . . . . Continue Reading »

If Meat is Murder—So is Vegan

I grow weary of PETA’s antics. Now, they are attacking actress Jessica Simpson for wearing a T-shirt that read, “Real Girls Eat Meat.” From the story:Alistair Currie, a spokesman for Peta, said: “Jessica Simpson might have a right to wear what she wants, but she doesn’t . . . . Continue Reading »

Canadian Health Care System Also a Mess

We hear much about the deficiencies of the American health care system. But things aren’t well north of the border, either—according to Claude Castonguay,one of the architects of the Canadian system. From the Investors Business Daily editorial:Four decades later, as the chairman of a . . . . Continue Reading »