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Yesterday, I excoriated the media for their howling attempt to obliterate Governor Sarah Palin’s viability as a candidate for vice president by giving credence to a vicious rumor—an actually, a malicious hoax intended to destroy Palin because she represents a strong cultural strain in American life—that she is really her son’s grandmother. That lie has been thoroughly debunked, including in my post linked above.

But that apparently doesn’t matter to the out-of-control media. Last night, I was appalled to hear the McCain Campaign chief tell CBS’s Katie Couric that in background briefings media are demanding genetic testing of Trig and the family, and were asking whether Palin is still breast feeding her son. Can you imagine? This is an utter abuse of power. Disgraceful.

I believe this snarling behavior results from the media’s smoldering hatred for people who hold traditional cultural views as so many troglodytes. Secondhand Smokette—a Republican opinion columnist—is covering both conventions for the San Francisco Chronicle. She had a slightly different take in today’s column. To say the least, Debra doesn’t share all of Palin’s cultural views, but she is appalled nonetheless about the attitudes of some of her colleagues toward the Palin family. From her column:

Palin is a walking style crime. She was a beauty queen. She wears a beehive hairdo. She hails from a small town. She believes there should be debate about teaching creationism in public schools, but she opposes “explicit” sex education. She is so unlike the tolerant brainiacs who report America’s news that they just have to comb through her personal life in search of all the details that shout that Palin would not fit in at their cocktail parties. You read it here first—she is a freak.
In other words, the media are snobs.

Debra is certainly right about that. No question. But it doesn’t quite explain the depth of bitterness we are witnessing. I hope I am wrong, and of course I cannot prove it, but I suspect that the ultimate cause of the liberal media’s irrational loathing springs from the Palin family’s joyful acceptance of Trig, a vivid rejection of the “quality of life” drive to wipe people with Down and other “defects” off the face of the earth. Such unconditional love stands in stark contrast to the pronounced lack of love that drives the new eugenics, burning the conscience like acid.

Ironically, if Palin does not whither under this unprecedented smear campaign—and she hardly seems the type that will—she is going to thrive regardless of the outcome of the election. But the reputation of the media won’t. That hurts everyone because a robust, fair, and professional fourth estate is essential to the success of democracy. Alas, the media isn’t thriving these days precisely because it isn’t fair.

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