A new hymn for the new messiah, courtesy of Mark Shea :

I, the Lord of sea and sky,
I have heard my people cry.
All the sick and unemployed,
My hand will save.
I, the last, best hope on earth,
I’ll increase our nation’s worth.
I will make our planet heal
I promise change . . .

Here I am, folks. It is I, folks
I received your call at 3am.
I’ll be your Lord, please elect me.
I will drag your nation to the left.

I, the Lord of “yes, we can”,
I am more than just a man.
I would save them from themselves.
They vote McCain.
I will end the oceans’ swell,
Keep our planet cool as well.
Keep my teleprompter near.
Just to be safe . . .


I, the Lord who fears small towns,
And the thought of kids with Down’s.
From religion and from guns.
My hand will save.
I will serve the common good,
Like a twisted Robin Hood.
Put your faith in government,
And vote for me!