It is reported that Fr. Stanley Jaki, O.S.B., died today in Spain.

Fr. Jaki was well-known for his writings on science and religion. He was selected to give the prestigious Gifford Lectures in the mid-1970s, and these lectures were published as The Road of Science and the Ways to God . For many years Fr. Jaki was the only scientist who wrote about science and religion from a Catholic perspective, at least the only one who commanded a wide audience. He was trained as a physicist, but devoted his life to the history and philosophy of science and theology rather than scientific research. Now there are increasing numbers of research scientists who are Catholic and have taken up the pen, including Fr. Michal Heller, Peter E. Hodgson, Kenneth Miller, and Michael Behe. But Fr. Jaki bravely blazed the trail for us. R.I.P.