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The more I observe PETA, the more bizarre it seems to me. It claims to love animals, and yet it euthanizes more than 90% of the animals it takes in. Why does PETA have to do this? Animal shelters are able to euthanize animals too sick, injured, or aggressive to be found good homes. Moreover, it does not have a formal adoption program, it has admitted to the Telegraph, and it kills adoptable animals. From the story:

Peta insists that homes could not be found for the dogs and cats, usually because they were in such poor health or because they were “unsocialised” and aggressive, usually because of bad treatment by their owners.

But the organisation, which does not run its own animal adoption programme and does not accept animals into its care elsewhere, admitted to The Sunday Telegraph that some treatable and adoptable animals were also among those killed by lethal injection.

“We are doing the dirty work that others won’t,” said Daphna Nachminovitch, vice-president for cruelty investigations. “We are proud to be a shelter of last resort that takes in old broken animals and gives them a humane end. “America is facing an epidemic of overpopulation. Six to eight million unwanted pets are turned in to shelters each year and half of them have to be euthanised. Our euthanasia programme is no secret.”It’s a societal problem. We’re not going to turn our backs on these animals just so that our figures look good. We’re not saying that all the animals we euthanise are suffering from incurable conditions. But overpopulation is a crisis. It’s a matter of actually finding a good home.”
Doing the dirty work of finding homes for adoptable animals?

Let me translate: Animal rights ideology wishes to see all domesticated animals cease to exist. This includes pets. I believe PETA wants every dog, cat, cow, sheep, sterilized, and out of existence as the current animals die off. (This is Gary Francione’s position.) PETA also believes that domesticated animals are slaves, and that this is by definition suffering, and so even adoptable animals are better off dead. Further, I suspect, they euthanize adoptable animals because only vegans are deemed acceptable to the group as people entitled to receive an animal. If I am right about this, that would preclude placing cats in homes because without meat products, cats go blind.

I can’t prove the above suspicions, but they are utterly consistent with PETA’s ideology. Whatever the case, PETA should be investigated to determine how hard they try to find adoptable homes for those animals, how long they keep adoptable animals, and whether a 90%-plus kill rate is justifiable. Besides, I’ll bet local humane societies—not to be confused with HSUS—could give them a hand in finding these animals homes. In the meantime, maybe somebody should infiltrate PETA, as its members are fond of doing animal industries, and take secret videos to prove the cruelty.

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