Secondhand Smoke Now On Kindle

I have no idea how this works, but Secondhand Smoke (and the other First Things blogs) are now available on Amazon’s Kindle.  I guess for the very modest price Amazon charges, it is downloaded to the device so you can read it when you are at the beach.  In any event, here is the . . . . Continue Reading »

Furnishing Rivendell

A reader commenting on Jody’s bed post — so to speak — remarked that those tree-bed hybrids he was writing about looked like furniture for Rivendell. Rivendell, of course, is the holy valley of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. That is, Tolkien never uses the word holy: . . . . Continue Reading »

Back To Zero Cheers For Jim Wallis

In “Wrong Big Picture, Dangerous Fine Print: But Otherwise Obama Care is Swell ,” James Capretta reports: Funding abortion and abortion providers . Both the Senate HELP and House Democratic bills fail to exclude abortion from the services that constitute “qualified” . . . . Continue Reading »

John Holdren: The Unreported Story

Imagine if President Bush had appointed as a high adviser, a man who had once advocated eugenic forced abortion and the sterilization of people in developing countries.  Congress would have held angry hearings!  The press would have been at his house every morning demanding answers!  . . . . Continue Reading »

A Hell of a Faith

“Must we really entrust the future of biomedical research in the United States to a man who sincerely believes that a scientific understanding of human nature is impossible?” So Sam Harris asks in the New York Times . Harris’ column has received various replies, including a note from . . . . Continue Reading »

Does Having Children Make Us Happy?

Remember those psychological studies that purported to show that having children doesn’t add to a person’s overall level of happiness ? A new, more nuanced, study provides a different perspective : According to the [“day reconstruction method”] DRM, people seem to spend an . . . . Continue Reading »