Today’s our Latin Mass day. Typically we go to Mass at noon, and then we stay at church all day, because there’s Holy Hour at six, and friends of ours who drive an hour to Mass don’t bother to go home in between services. They bring picnic lunches and schoolwork and make a day of it, so although we live only four miles from the church, we do the same. As a result, my blogging contributions on Thursdays tend to be light.

I haven’t forgotten I&C Church Challenge, however. The Millinerd has contributed some images, and I’ll post the links in an update to the original post as soon as I have time. In the meanwhile, if you’ve got a North American church of interest to share with us, leave a link in the comments to the original post. Eventually, when we’ve collected enough images, we’ll post a gallery of churches, pretty, ugly, and otherwise noteworthy.

So don’t touch that dial . . .

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