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Reformation Day As Kwanzaa?

Is Reformation Day the new Kwanzaa? If so, then it fits the definition for the Academic Sanctioned Shindig: a holiday with no connection to the folk or folk customs invented and celebrated by academics to make a point and to replace a phenomenally more popular party.I am all for remembering our . . . . Continue Reading »

In Style

For years I’ve been wearing bill/baseball caps.  They are useful but ... they lack style.  They’re plain.  One might even think of them as less than mature.  They just don’t look good.  But is there an alternative?  Yes — the classic . . . . Continue Reading »

More Likely This Halloween

If I make contact with a skeleton or any other bones, as a Christian it is more likely to heal me than kill me. If I meet a demoniac, it is more likely to be a chance to see God’s glory than the end of my life.If I meet a vampire, it will more likely be a Dracula than an Edward, and I will be . . . . Continue Reading »

Canadian Death Panel Strikes Again

So many stories are coming out of the UK and Canada about the lethal consequences of turning health care over to cost/benefit/best practices control panels, that we ignore them at our very real peril.  The Globe and Mail reports today about women being cut off from drug combo treatments to . . . . Continue Reading »

Memorial Music

On Wednesday, November 18, Grammy winning choral conductor Jerry Blackwell will conduct the Chamber Singers of the University of Michigan in the premiere performance of Michael Linton ‘s “Memorial.” The work was inspired by Pope John Paul II’s requiem mass and is dedicated . . . . Continue Reading »

Two Cheers for Bad Preaching

Young preachers, your first few sermons are always terrible, no matter who you are. If you think your first few sermons are great, you’re probably self-deceived. If the folks in your home church think your first few sermons are great, it’s probably because they love you and they’re . . . . Continue Reading »

Choosing Hymns is Apparently Very Stressful Work

Think pastors have a stressful job? They’ve got nothing on the music ministry director. (Why are you laughing? Have you ever tried to choose a hymn.) From CNN:You may not think of people who plan, direct and conduct performances for religious services as being under a particularly high amount . . . . Continue Reading »



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