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At Cross Purposes With Justice Scalia

When does a cross cease to represent Christianity and become a secular symbol? According to Justice Antonin Scalia, when it’s used for a war memorial. As Susan Jacoby, the Washington Post ’s resident atheist, reports : In oral arguments this month in the case of Salazar v. Buono,, which . . . . Continue Reading »

Huh. That went well ...

If the banner ads on this page were promoting this apparition of Mary, would anyone object?And just to play a little more fair today to make my point crystal clear, what if the banner ads were promoting this . . . . Continue Reading »

SHS Funnies

It wouldn’t be this way if the Feds had the courage and foresight to change marijuana”s Controlled Substances Act classification so that it could be prescribed like morphine or cocaine.  But the way things are, with the president breaking his oath of office to enforce the law, this . . . . Continue Reading »

a thousand pictures

Pick a word.  No, no, not that one.  Don’t pick just any word.  Stick with the nouns.  Then build a picture around that word.  Now build several pictures around the word.  See how many you can come up with.Now let’s try some of the words that have . . . . Continue Reading »

Not All Evangelicals and Catholics Together

Given our discussion(s) about this blog (among other things!), Collin Hansen’s article at Christianity Today, posted this morning, caught my attention: “Not All Evangelicals and Catholics Together.” Hansen documents some of the conflicts between Evangelicals and Roman Catholics, . . . . Continue Reading »



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