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Where are the grown ups?

The media grownups exploiting Levi Johnston are doing a bad thing. When I was growing up and making some pretty big mistakes, there were grownups who took me aside and told me not to be a fool. They had mercy on me and showed me a better way to live. They certainly did not play on my sinful desires . . . . Continue Reading »


In the spirit of “me too! me too!” and “oh, can I play?” I’d like to throw in my own two cents and tag along with Jared and Joe on this whole Halloween thing.  Here’s a re-post of something I had on my Jollyblogger blog way back in October of 2005, with a few . . . . Continue Reading »

Everything is Political, Except Political Bias

When it is pointed out that the media and academy are skewed to one type of idealogical persuasion, everyone shrugs. But as Mark Bauerlein of the Chronicle of Higher Education points out, the research shows liberal bias is of exactly the same kind, uses the same methods, and holds the same . . . . Continue Reading »

Some Questions about the Virtual Church

A number of posts recently have been touching on the subject of e-Church or having a virtual parish community.Virtual worship services lack the following features: Sacrifice —-  A the fundamental aspect of liturgy is sacrifice. The service is our offering to God and part of that sacrifice . . . . Continue Reading »

Redecorating the Public Square

The transcript of my interview with Benjamin Wiker (who wrote Ten Books that Screwed Up the World) of To the Source is up.  We talk about my book The End of Secularism.Here’s a clip where I answer Wiker’s question as to whether I am calling Christians to be anti-secular . . . . Continue Reading »

Calling Their Bluff

Sarah Flashing challenged the supposed fairness of our critics.  Malkin challenged the social justice (in this case media justice) movement and its supposed fairness.  These words, to many readers and listeners, sound perfectly reasonable.  But is there more?  . . . . Continue Reading »



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