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So does it bother anyone else?

Before you read this, I know: I’m a guest here, and that as a guest it’s best for me to honor my hosts’ platform and objectives. And in that, I don’t mean to be an ingrate or to offend advertisers who make this blog possible.BUT...Is anyone else bothered by the banner ad at . . . . Continue Reading »

On Apologies

Since the Kool Kristian Kids now think we should apologize for everything (the Crusades! the Inquisition!) we did not do or things we are thought to be doing even if we are not (sexism! racism! homophobia!), I would like to add a new category. I think we should begin to apologize for people who . . . . Continue Reading »

What recovery?

It’s been said before, but it’s worth rubbing in the fact that every economic recovery since Reagan started with small business. The numbers suggest that small business is getting killed. Commercial and industrial loans are still shrinking at the fastest rate on record. I just posted the . . . . Continue Reading »

Leon Kass to Receive Paul Ramsey Award

The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network has announced that Dr. Leon R. Kass has been selected to receive the 2010 Paul Ramsey Award, given to those who have demonstrated exemplary achievement in the field of bioethics. Kass, the Addie Clark Harding Professor in the Committee on Social Thought . . . . Continue Reading »

What Should Christians Really Expect?

It is being reported today that Christianity is undergoing yet an assault via loons in the entertainment industry. There’s not much new about that. In an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm,  Larry David urinates on a painting of Jesus, causing a woman to believe the painting depicts him . . . . Continue Reading »

Should Christians Apologize . . .

There was a post below on whether Christians should fast during Ramadan.  The answer is clearly no.  We should proclaim the gospel and why we believe it (See Resurrection, The).But the other question comes from Donald Miller’s book Blue Like Jazz (which, as I’ve said before, I . . . . Continue Reading »

Statements in Revision…

In thinking through Jean-Francois Lyotard’s The Postmodern Condition and my position as a “conservative” Catholic sympathetic to our friends on the Porch, I’d like to throw this out there for some opinion. Lyotard (“Simplifying to the extreme, I define postmodern as . . . . Continue Reading »



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