For some bizarre reason Republicans in the New York 23rd decided to nominate a candidate who is happily pro-choice and against traditional marriage. This is because the New York Republican Party is so successful that it can afford to drive out many of its natural constituencies. (Nominated in a pizza-filled backroom it is not even clear that she wants to remain a Republican. Perhaps she is one in the sense that the present mayor of New York once had a vague hankering to be a Republican.)

The good news is that there is a pro-life option in Doug Hoffman . . . and while God (who is surely a monarchist) has not made an endorsement (He rather likes us to endorse Him) . . . that does not mean we cannot note the facts.

I think it is time to pull a Jim Wallis and agree that God is (as always) surely not a Republican in the 23rd. It is (as always) o.k. to cross party lines.

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