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As we move forward toward centralized bureaucratic health care control, it is worth noting the problems in countries that already have it.  Ireland is apparently paying surgeons to do nothing, while surgeries are canceled because the department is over budged, and the lines grow ever longer.  From the story:

Three Irish surgeons have revealed that they are being paid a whopping $350,000 to do nothing. The three orthopedic consultants at Letterkenny General HospitalCounty Donegal have revealed that the Irish Health Service is paying them to “sit around doing nothing” while operating theaters are empty. Senior consultant and team leader, Peter O’Rourke said he is “frustrated and depressed” about the current working climate in Letterkenny General Hospital. The surgeon claims there is little or no work for his team in the busy hospital despite massive waiting lists for essential knee and hip surgeries known as elective surgeries. The health service has put such surgeries on hold until next year as the “elective” budget has overrun by $3.3 million.

That’s the way bureaucracy and centralized control works, and it is heading our way.  The good news, is that there is still time to stop this train. Indeed, more and more people are jumping off.

On a related note, I have a friend in Canada who experienced minor stroke symptoms three weeks ago. He is still waiting for an MRI.

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