You Had Me At Ahoy

If you think slang terms developed for email, texting, and instant messaging—LOL, BRB, NSFW, etc.—are a passing fad, I have one word for you: Hello! As Nate Barksdale explains , the word Emily Post tried to ban got a boost from an earlier technological innovation—the telephone: . . . . Continue Reading »

Introduction to “O Holy Night”

Today I kicked off a devotional commentary series through the song “O Holy Night” over at The A-Team Blog. I’m not sure if it really fits with Evangel or not, but I’ll cross-post the first few entries here to see how it goes.“O Holy Night” is one of those . . . . Continue Reading »

A Philosopher’s Rogue Thoughts on Palin

Over on Evangel, philosopher John Mark Reynolds live-blogged his reaction to reading Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue . Although a fan and defender of Palin, JMR has become decidedly less enthused after reading her tome: Practical wisdom is guided not just by common sense, but by reason and the . . . . Continue Reading »

Longing for King Jesus

Advent is here.Advent is the time the church prepares for the coming of King Jesus at the Christ Mass.We are excited for the simple reason that our secular princes always let us down. Christians are the most hard headed of people. We know that nobody can be trusted, because we don’t trust . . . . Continue Reading »

Cleanliness and Purity in the Practice of Jesus

The congregation of which I am a part had completed the ritual of “foot-washing,” Sunday morning. We were reflecting together on John 13:1-17, and puzzling over the reaction of Peter—“Jesus, if you are going to wash me, then wash my head and hands too,”—and Jesus’ retort—“you are . . . . Continue Reading »

Swiss Vote to Ban Minarets

Minarets are the tall spires on some mosques that serve to provide a vantage point from which the call to prayer is made. In Switzerland—where there are only four minarets in the entire country— these architectural features are now banned : Swiss voters have supported a referendum . . . . Continue Reading »

Re: John Mark on Going Rogue . . .

Heckuva post, Brownie! Seriously, I’m glad you read the book so I don’t have to.I am with you in thinking that Sarah Palin is an amazing political talent. That woman can deliver a speech as well as anybody out there. Personally, I thought her speeches were better and more powerful than . . . . Continue Reading »

Of Elijah and Darwin

This summer I had a class in theology which I sometimes discussed. This class was part of the “late vocations” program offered by in our area by the OCA. Currently, I’m taking the second of these classes, and true to form the reading/work load has been somewhat larger than . . . . Continue Reading »