Bransonesque Splendor

So I was reading John Mark Reynolds’ live-blog of Sarah Palin’s new memoir, and I’m sure he’s right about the whole thing. The only conservative writers I can stand for more than 900 words once a week in a column are William F. Buckley and P.J. O’Rourke — and . . . . Continue Reading »

It’s Never Enough in the Culture of Death

The Dutch have the most wild and open euthanasia license in the world. And yet, it is never enough.  Now, the lawyer responsible for obtaining a Dutch Supreme Court ruling okaying assisted suicide for the mentally ill, wants psychiatrists to have to justify not killing their suicidal patients . . . . Continue Reading »

25 Favorite Short Stories

In his Devil’s Dictionary, Ambrose Bierce defined a novel as “a short story padded.” This is an all too apt description. The inability to prune a story to its essential story is an unfortunate quality shared by many modern writers and the primary reason that bookshelves are filled with . . . . Continue Reading »