Another floral acronym?

English-speaking Calvinists are generally familiar with the acronym TULIP, which is a handy way of remembering the principal doctrines of Reformed Christianity:Total depravityUnconditional electionLimited atonementIrresistible gracePerseverance of the saintsHowever, given that some might see TULIP . . . . Continue Reading »

Die a little

The Gospel is there so that death doesn’t swallow us up while we are creating environments that expand imagination, unleash creativity, and maximize the creative potential in every individual and organization. Continue Reading »

Never Alone: All Saints

Today my last great-aunt went to Glory. She was a Christian and ready for death and now sees what before she only believed. On All Saints Day she will be with Peter, Paul, Cecilia, Agatha, Lucy, and all the members of the great, growing, and glorious family of God who stand in joy unspeakable.We are . . . . Continue Reading »