I am not posting this YouTube video because Lord Monckton pretty much takes apart a Green Peace member about global warming. (She admits it is a matter of faith for her because she believes those telling her the planet is warming catastrophically.) Like the very nice interviewee, most people trust those with whom they agree. Moreover, the media have failed to exercise due skepticism and have often refused to air heterodox views, so many people haven’t seen the counter evidence. Furthermore, I thought Monckton’s critique that she didn’t review the raw data was bogus—most people are not qualified to judge raw data. (I’m sure not!)

But I think the video is worth the ten minutes it takes to view because the facts against the global warming meme presented powerfully by Lord Monkton—one of the world’s most notable skeptics—demonstrate vividly that there are many good reasons for real doubt about the need for hysteria.  Indeed, this is why—no matter how vociferously people like Al Gore and President Obama insist that it is—the debate is far from over. Indeed, the burden of proof remains with the hysterics to demonstrate that they are not, in fact, being hysterical. Enjoy.


HT: A. Fister-Soga

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