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Yellow journalism helped push the USA into war back in the 1890s.  Now, a new yellow journalism has developed using all the tricks of the trade to panic the world into granting tremendous power to an unelected and unaccountable global warming scientocracy, that will “save the planet” via anti human and economy  killing policies.

Minor example: Senator Inofe, the global warming skeptic, was in Copenhagen to let the hysterics known that the USA will never pass the cap and trade economy killer.  He may or  may not be right, but I post this because of the ridiculous and hysterical question posed to him by a so-called “journalist.”  From the story:

Surrounded by reporters from around the world, including many who believe global warming is real, Inhofe often looked like a lamb on his way to slaughter. One reporter asked Inhofe “What do you tell the children who have to live in a nightmare world. What should we tell them about your country being a heroin addict on fossil fuel? Answer the question!”

“Most of you are on the far left side, so listen closely. I contend the consensus is not there, and it wasn’t there prior to Climate-gate. Nothing binding will come out of here in my opinion, and if it does it will be rejected by the American people.” Inhofe is the second member of congress to arrive in Copenhagen. Kerry addressed reporters last night and got a standing ovation inside the Bella Convention Center. By contrast, Inhofe was mobbed inside the press center and was not offered a speaking slot.

Here’s the thing: When journalists so emotionally choose sides, they cease to be journalists.  Moreover, by giving “their” side a pass on tough questions, they hurt the cause because it doesn’t force advocates to hone their game.  That’s why Gore boots it every time he is asked a tough question.

But make no mistake, we are seeing the rise of a new in-the-tank journalism that might think of  itself as green, but is actually a vivid yellow.

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