Saturday I had the chance to hear Mitt Romney speak without notes or teleprompter. He took questions from the audience.

I realized how low my standards had become for politicians. Romney was amazing. He gave complete answers, used historical references for his points from memory, and showed a sense of humor. He made arguments that contained sound bites without being reduced to simple mindedness.

In short, he was brilliant that day.

Romney projected none of the lack of authenticity that sometimes he projected during his last presidential run. Perhaps that is because he stuck to the economy and foreign policy where he is very knowledgeable.

Most impressive: I saw him schlepping his own luggage to the car, but pausing to spend a moment with an older lady who was calling after him. I have seen a good many celebrities, but few that were so polite.

My fifteen year old son was dazzled by intellect combined with a passion for the nation. He said, “Dad, I felt hopeful and like doing something, charging, acting.” We also realized how low our expectations of our leaders intellects have become. There were no hesitations in Romney, no weird quotations, no anger.

He was sunny and smart. Maybe you don’t like Romney or trust him. O.K. But watch him speak and realize that we don’t have to settle for second-rate intellect in a candidate. Romney is whip-smart and he has chosen to associate with the conservative team. If not Romney, then let’s find someone at least that smart, cheerful, and gentlemanly.

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