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Pelosi, Obama, and Friends would like this “health care” legislation assessed as though it is independent of the broader goals of the administration. But this administration, and the Congress that does his bidding, plans for this nation which must not be divorced from the whole — they come as a package as a part of his world view. What good, after all, is a Constitution if it is fundamentally flawed?

Let’s not forget the forthcoming “amnesty” that will effectively dissolve our borders. Anyone who come in illegally and builds a life here will be able to get it all “free”.

Let’s not forget Obama’s plans to control the broadcast industry through a “diversity” plan.

Let’s not forget the control already taken over Wall Street.

Let’s not forget the control already take over the banks.

Let’s not forget the thuggery that said to the banks “we did you a favor, now you owe us.” Sound like the “godfather” method.

Let’s not forget the pay czar who wants to control income.

Let’s not forget the control taken over the auto industry.

Let’s not forget that industry ownership was taken from investors (people who worked to buy stocks and even retired with a dependence upon this income) and given to the union thugs.

Let’s not forget that the IRS will be hiring about 16,000 new wiseguys to enforce the insurance laws. (Wait —you don’t think this is a police state yet?)

Let’s follow this with a history lesson on some older material, steps that came with the theme that Nancy Pelosi has been reciting recently. And we should note that all this always comes with a crisis mentality.

Criticism of the Leftist movement of our government was a crisis, so the 501(c)(3) rules came into play, thanks to LBJ. (1950s)

Retirement was a crisis, so we got retirement and savings manipulation via Social Security. (1950s)

Housing and food were a crisis, so we got the Great Society. (1960s)

Health care for older people was a crisis, so we got Medicare. (1960s)

Day care for working families was a crisis, but we averted the Clinton agenda. (1990s)

Health care for all was a crisis in the 90s, but somehow we survived. How? Only heaven knows. The Left certainly doesn’t.

I wonder — how long will it be until pastors start speaking up against the crimes of government? They practice genocide against blacks (as noted by Ginsberg), with 40% of all abortions being in the black community, which is roughly 13% of the US population. How long until pastors start to name names and confront these criminals for crimes against humanity as well as the aforementioned crimes against the Constitution?

Where is the next (non-violent, yet outspoken) Bonhoeffer, someone who will put his life (ok, maybe just your 501(c)(3) entitlement) on the line to stop these thugs?  History, it seems, is a harsh mistress.

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