A lot of publications brag about having intelligent, engaged readers. But few magazines have anything comparable to ROFTERS—“Readers Of First Things” who convene across the U.S., Canada, Spain, U.K., and New Zealand to discuss the magazine’s features. Our readership truly is unique and has been a key component of the magazine’s illustrious twenty-year history.

But we’ve also been blessed to have readers who continue to support the magazine financially. While other journals are in decline—or have already folded—we are able to continue to grow and improve the quality of the magazine and the website because of your help. This week we’re asking you to continue that support by making a donation to First Things.

And as a way to say thank you for your patronage—both of the the magazine and of this blog—we’re offering our blog readers a special subscription rate. For a (very) limited time you can get a year’s subscription to the print magazine and access to our online archives for only $19.95. This offer is only good for a few days so act now by going to this link and entering the promo code “evangel.”

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