Jeb is clearly the smartest guy in the family Bush. He even looks different from the others.

Our poor current president is tanking across the board. Of course he has to fire the disrespectful rogue general-hero, but the dissing is hurting him nonetheless. It’s not like the leaders of other countries respect him much these days, and his speech about the oil spill was flatly irrelevant to the crisis at hand. Obama’s words are getting boring, because it turns out he still hasn’t figured out that governing mainly ain’t about persuasive or inspirational talk.

Now, if and when the Republicans get Congress back, the challenge of divided government may make our president better (as it did President Clinton). Or maybe it won’t. If it doesn’t, the Republican need to save our country by providing a credible alternative. Romney—Americans still don’t feel the love and the Mormon problem is unfortunate but real. Mitch Daniels—a very competent but too uncharismatic a governor (base energizing may be an issue). Jeb—will he remind us of the executive incompetence we associate with his family? Or will he combine what was classy about W with a undeniable record of competence? Jeb should be “in the mix,” at least.

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