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Thirty Three Things (v. 8)

1. Jonathan Mitchican on the cassock : The cassock was once the standard article of dress for Christian priests. Long after the Great Schism divided the east from the west, the cassock remained a symbol of priesthood that was acknowledged by Catholic and Orthodox alike. Cassocks have been worn by . . . . Continue Reading »

Do You Believe?

There’s a bit of shooting fish in a barrel to this, but it’s delicious anyway: Deepak Chopra Gets Owned . Thanks for the link to Steve Hayward of NoLeftTurns , who refers to Chopra as “one of those self-levitating frauds so common in our age.” In another Youtube . . . . Continue Reading »

Can There Be a Global Bioethics?

I was sent an old article from 2001 that focused on personhood theory and the attempt to redefine death, which criticized bioethics for being unduly Western in its outlook,.  (It seems to me that a great deal of energy in bioethics, these days, is dedicated to finding justifications for using . . . . Continue Reading »

Secularism’s Debt to Christianity

I stumbled across John D. Steinrucken’s interesting essay “Secularism’s Debt to Christianity” in today’s American Thinker.  Steinrucken’s opening paragraph includes this provocative line:Western civilization’s survival, including the survival of . . . . Continue Reading »

Second Links — 7.30.10

A Bosnian man, whose house has been hit six times by meterorites , explains that “I am obviously being targeted by extraterrestrials. I don’t know what I have done to annoy them.” The Washington Post offers a symposium on Should religions intermarry? A Catholic pyschotherapist . . . . Continue Reading »



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