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I have been dipping into esoteric religious stuff, by accident. Normally it isn’t anything I mess with, beyond the dismal fancies of liberal Protestants in general and Lutherans in particular. I blame UFO Magazine . A recent cover caught my eye at the library. There is a connection, I learned, between religious experience and alien abduction (of the two, the alien sort may be the more interesting). Oh, and we are all headed for a higher consciousness, the present lower one being such a disappointment to ascended masters and the like, but I don’t have time to go into that here.

No, what really excited me was an advertisement for several books by Dianne Robbins . Ms. Robbins is the designated channel for cetacean beings, inhabitants of the hallow earth, and trees, and they each have a book. She also channels Adama from Telos, another book, but he’s not nearly as interesting.

One cannot actually say she is the author, though she is listed that way. The books are more like “as told to” stories. They all communicate with her with fair regularity and, what is not contained in the books, she reproduces at her blog site, all the messages, songs, and poetry they dictate to her. All of them are very chatty, especially the trees. They do a lot of poetry, the trees do, at Inner Earth Blog . The cetaceans like poetry too, which Ms. Robbins also faithfully reproduces for them at the blog site.

The cetaceans have a One Group Mind which probably helps in producing their compositions; I can’t speak for the trees but an example of recent cetacean poetry runs in part:

When the ocean’s destroyed
We’re no longer employed
And without us here
You can’t support the biosphere

There’s a warning in there. In fact all of them seem very anxious for all the rest of us, but it is a condescending concern unfortunately tinged with the arrogance enlightened beings sometimes display toward, hmm, guys like me, I guess.

Except the trees; they are actually optimistic for our chances:

Earth’s Ascension
There is no question
That you’re moving into
The 5th dimension

Ms. Robbins undoubtedly believes these messages come to her and I believe she believes it. It does leave me wondering, though. If these messages are so darned important, why do they come only to Ms. Robbins? Why not to The New York Times ? Well, there’s an answer for that. One must have first achieved a degree of “soul enlightenment.”

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