Alien Diplomatic Protocols

A friend sent the link to this very entertaining story — the writer, Stephanie Simon, deserves praise for the writing — which apparently is not a parody: Colorado Flying-Saucer Believers Have Ghost Hunters in Their Sights . Ballot Initiative 300 would require the city to set up an . . . . Continue Reading »

Random Predictions and Comments

1. Some have been skeptical of my prediction below, thinking the Republicans will do somewhat better. (At this point, the Democrats’ keeping the House would end up as one of the greatest upsets in American poliitcal history.) But I note that REAL CLEAR POLITICS points toward a 50 seat pick up . . . . Continue Reading »

Singing the psalms: Psalm 46

Today our church, Central Presbyterian Church in Hamilton, observed the 450th anniversary of the Scottish Reformation with a special worship service. Our minister, Dr. Clyde Ervine, preached on Ezekiel 34:1-13a and Romans 10:6-17. The choir sang this wonderful version of Psalm 46 set to the Anglican . . . . Continue Reading »

Reformation Day 2010

Lutherans celebrate Reformation Day, that day back in 1517 when Martin Luther stomped up to the Wittenberg church door and nailed up his  95 Theses . It’s a big day for us; used to be, at any rate. I don’t suppose Roman Catholics pay much attention to it, but then I wouldn’t . . . . Continue Reading »

Overheard at Yale: Pomocon Ontology (I)

I had the opportunity to share some themes from my forthcoming The Reponsibility of Reason at Yale in September.  A very able graduate student (Lucas Entel) responded to my work, providing a deft summary as well as some valuable questions. Now this is fundamental political philosophy, in . . . . Continue Reading »