What Moynihan Could Have Done

In Pat Moynihan: The Great Catholic “What if . . . ” , today’s second “On the Square” article, George Weigel describes the scholar, writer, and senator’s career  and ponders what he, with his great gifts and opportunities, he might have done. Although . . . . Continue Reading »

Tolerance? Nah, Too Easy

The chief virtue of 21st century America seems to be tolerance. In a pluralistic society, where values clash and cultures collide, it is considered to be the new glue that will hold us all together. It is the philosophy underlying “political correctness,” and the plea of almost all . . . . Continue Reading »

What You Can Do With a PhD in Theology

In the comments of R.R. Reno’s recent article on the best graduate theology programs , several readers are discussing the possibilities of finding work once the degree is completed. The Chronicle of Higher Education has the answer: you can become a janitor . Putting issues of student . . . . Continue Reading »


For several years, RealClearPolitics has been on of the best site on the web for stories and polling data related to politics. Recently, they’ve started branching out into other areas, such as science, sports, and finance. This week they’ve launched RealClearReligion , an aggregation . . . . Continue Reading »

The Frustrated Arab Muslim

For those interested in David Goldman’s Disappearing Middle Eastern Christians, Disappointing Bishops from Monday and William Doino’s Singling Out Israel Isn’t Christian from yesterday (both still being discussed), the Italian Vatican-watcher Sandro Magister has another . . . . Continue Reading »

Euthyphro Ain’t No Problem

Philosopher Edward Feser explains why the Euthyphro problem isn’t so problematic : The Euthyphro dilemma goes like this: God commands us to do what is good. But is something good simply because God commands it, or does He command it because it is already good? If we take the first option, . . . . Continue Reading »

The Lesser Evil, the Greater Unity

“In electoral politics you are forced to choose between the two dominant political parties,” writes Joe Carter in United By Our Differences , today’s “On the Square” article. Whether you are a neo-Marxist, a Great Society liberal, or a Clinton-esque centrist, a . . . . Continue Reading »

Turn and Become Like Children

Whether you find this clip cute or creepy probably depends on how you feel about semi-charismatic church services. Personally, I think its adorable. Sure, she’s just mimicking the adults she sees around her. But her ability to get caught up in the worship is inspiring. . . . . Continue Reading »