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So, a UN panel on funding anti global warming initiatives—which included George Soros—wants to tax us into submission and make businesses pay to produce carbon dioxide.  From the story:

A tax on foreign exchange transactions, and levies on aviation and shipping are among measures canvassed by a special United Nations panel charged with finding ways of raising $100 billion a year by 2020 to help poor countries tackle the impact of climate change. The $100 billion a year financing commitment was part of the Copenhagen Accord struck in the absence of a binding treaty last year, and remains one of the key targets for the upcoming international talks in Cancun.

The support of developing nations in the UN process would appear to depend on it. Getting developed countries to agree on a measure was not too hard, but getting them to deliver on the promise is another matter, so the UN decided to provide a few ideas of how it could be done. The UN committee was chaired Norway Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, and Meles Zenawi, the prime minister of Ethiopia, and also included financier George Soros, Barack Obama’s economic advisor Larry Summers, and Lord Nicholas Stern...It concluded that the task of meeting the pledge was difficult but achievable, and recommended a suite of possible measures that will be considered at Cancun and, most likely, subsequent meetings.

The panel said the most significant funding could be raised by redirecting money raised from the auctions of emissions allowances, or even taxes on international carbon offsets such as the Clean Development Mechanism. The panel concluded that a carbon price of $20-$25 a tonne would be sufficient to raise the finance, although it included scenarios ranging from $15 a tonne (raising up to $8 billion) to a high of $50 a tonne (raising up to $70 billion).

I thought we were all supposed to be dead by 1920 if we didn’t accede to the UN by 2014.

That point aside, how do I put this? Nope. Nyet. Nein. Uh-uh. Fuggedaboutit!

One purpose of GWH is to move us toward international governance.  Americans aren’t up for that (or is it, down for that, I never know which).   If we tax Americans, the money should go to the U.S. Treasury, not directly to an international fund, nor should specific American taxes be reserved for non American uses.  The Congress can decide how to appropriate or approve payments to other countries and international agencies.

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