Missed Me?

I apologize for my long silence.  Between traveling to a family wedding in southern Maryland (along with some sightseeing in D.C. and a visit to the Naval Academy—my fifteen-year-old son’s current collegiate aspiration), furiously grading all the papers and exams that didn’t . . . . Continue Reading »

Beware the Congressional Hordes

An NPR article on the prospect of creating a part-time Congress (unlikely) begins by describing “hordes of conservative Republican lawmakers” descending on Washington. Hordes? Yes, hordes of Republicans, all conservative, are about to fracture the previous hold that “hordes of . . . . Continue Reading »

Still More on Bible Reading

First Things attracts smart readers. The discussion of how we should present and read the bible in worship has been very interesting, bringing out some interesting differences. For example: chanting scripture vs. studied efforts to read the bible with nuanced emphasis. While a graduate student in . . . . Continue Reading »

Reconsecrating Santa Claus

David Mills sees in Santa Claus a confusion of two things “ that ought never to be confused or blended ,” Christmas as a secular holiday and Christmas as a Christian holy day. To honor that distinction, he would abandon to the secular side of Christmas what amounts to the most famous icon . . . . Continue Reading »