Most Popular OTS Articles for 2010

In 2010, First Things published over 300 articles for our On the Square section. While I read every single piece, I suspect most readers may have missed one or two of them. In case you missed them the first time around, here’s your chance to catch up on this year’s top twenty-five most . . . . Continue Reading »

Afternoon Links — 12.28.10

Our senior editor David Goldman discusses the “two stories within the terrible history of Germany and the Jews .” The first, he writes, “is the story of the German Jews, Europe’s most assimilated community, who contributed to German civic life in vast disproportion to their . . . . Continue Reading »

Santa Claus Not Our Spokesman

Looking at a selection of conservative political cartoons, I saw one published on Christmas day showing Santa Claus poking his head through a poster saying “Happy Holidays” and apparently shouting “Merry Christmas.” At first glance, it seems like a simple way of pushing back . . . . Continue Reading »

More on Bible Reading

Yesterday I argued for a hefty Bible at the lectern . Weighty truths, its seems to me, are fittingly stored in weighty tomes. That doesn’t mean that I’m opposed to pocket Bibles or bible verses that you can call up on your cell phone—or for that matter to any form of scripture. . . . . Continue Reading »

A Gift Forgotten

“We have allowed silence to become a gift forgotten, one we only consent to unwrap when all of our alternative bows and strings have been unraveled, and our diversions have been utterly played out,” writes Elizabeth Scalia in today’s “On the Square” column, For 2011: . . . . Continue Reading »

Ancient Human Remains Found in Israel?

An intriguing—and potentially significant— archaeological discovery in Israel : Israeli archaeologists said Monday they may have found the earliest evidence yet for the existence of modern man, and if so, it could upset theories of the origin of humans. A Tel Aviv University team . . . . Continue Reading »