Apropos of Joe Carter’s post last week, we now have this story of a Danish professor conducting an orgy on his university’s campus.

An Aalborg University professor and at least three other men and one woman have been caught on tape holding a steamy orgy on campus.

According to TV2, the professor has organised several orgies in a university machine room and police are now looking into whether the activities were illegal.

The hour-long webcam recording reportedly shows the four men wearing monk robes while having sex with the woman. The video was recorded by an anonymous person who did not take part, but who wanted to expose the activities.

What the monk robes have to do with it, I do not know, though if this had been a theatrical performance, it probably would have won accolades from the  cognoscenti . But his rector disapproves, for reasons that are also far from clear to me:
The professor has been reprimanded but will be allowed to keep his position at the university.

”What consenting people get up to in their spare time is none of my business,” said university rector Finn Kjærsdam. “But we’re responsible for all university facilities, and we cannot and will not have things like that going on here.”

If they consent, don’t disturb anyone, and clean up after themselves, what’s the difference between a faculty reading group and a faculty orgy?  Might the good rector have a thought or two about morality and propriety that he’s unwilling or unable to defend?

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