Jack Kevorkian, who assisted the suicide of at least 130 people—mostly depressed people with disabilities, is having a splendid post prison career.  He receives $50,000 a speech, he was portrayed by Al Pacino in a puff biopic that won an Emmy.  And he is now a public speaker who demands up to $50,000 a speech.

On the 15th, he will be speaking at UCLA—I am sure for a hefty fee.  And this is how the murderer is described.  From the press release for “An Evening With Jack Kevorkian:”

Los Angeles, CA - Dr. Jack Kevorkian, one of America’s most prominent physicians , and widely considered a leading expert on Euthanasia, will be the guest of honor at a lecture at University of California, Los Angeles’s Royce Hall on Saturday, January 15, 2011 at 7:00 PM . . .

He is also called a world renowned pathologist. He was no such thing during his medical career.  He blazed no trails.  He developed no new techniques.  Until he began making headlines, he had made few ripples.

What is amazing—and truly appalling—is that the facts about K don’t matter a whit any more.  But I feel obliged to keep important facts about Kevorkian in the public sphere in case anybody wishes to restore sanity about whom we laud in public life.  Anyone interested in learning about the “real” Jack Kevorkian, please attend at Secondhand Smoke .

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