This Washington Post article suggests that there might be a division between fiscal and social conservatives in Iowa and elsewhere.  (It’s February 3rd, 2011; do you know where your next President is?)  Considering coinages like “Teavangelical,” not to mention the population of GlennBeckistan, I’m not sure that this will be much of an issue as Republicans try to figure out who will carry their banner in the 2012 presidential election. 

All the candidates will present themselves as fiscal conservatives and it, thankfully, remains the case that no forthrightly pro-choice candidate can win the Republican nomination.  Just as in the afterrmath of several years of trillion-dollar deficits, even the most “compassionate” of conservatives would not do anything thing other than talk the talk of fiscal responsibility, so in the aftermath of the Gosnell case , it’s hard to imagine a Republican speaking to fulsomely about the right to choose.

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