Today’s first “On The Square” item is Joe Carter’s ” My Heroes Have Always Been Hebrews ,” where he explores evangelicals’ theological commitments to the welfare of Jews and the state of Israel:

Indeed, it is almost impossible to overstate the influence of the Old Testament on the evangelical imagination. In its most basic sense, the evangelical mind is an anomalous type of the Hebraic mind. Modern Jews might sneer at the presumptuous nature of the connection, but it is a truism that evangelicals consider themselves to be the other “People of the Book.”

Later, George Weigel recalls the recently deceased R. Sargent Shriver, the “last of the classic American Catholic liberals.”
Sarge and Eunice fought the good fight, but they never did the most dramatic thing they might have done for the pro-life cause, which was to leave the Democratic Party after the Clintonistas denied pro-life Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey an opportunity to speak at the 1992 Democratic national convention. That was the break-point for many of us who had been lifelong, genetically programmed Democrats.