Anthony Bradley asks if some evangelicals are ” too missional for abortion “:

The number one social justice issue for African-Americans in New York City is abortion. Period. The city’s abortion rate is twice the nation average, with 41 percent of all pregnancies ending in abortion. According to  recent data , the rate for blacks is even higher: 59.8 percent. For Hispanics it’s 41.3 percent, Asians 22.7 percent, and whites 20.4 percent. In 2009, unmarried women accounted for 84 percent of the abortions in the city.

[ . . . ]

All of this has me wondering why the missional, center-city evangelicals, who are all about “justice,” “loving the city,” “renewing the city,” “serving the city,” etc., do not seem to consider abortion one those flagship “justice” issues.

Although Bradley doesn’t say it, the cynical answer is that too many urban evangelicals are only concerned about “social justice” when it means supporting the issues preferred by their liberal secular friends. Unfortunately, I think the cynical answer may be the correct one.

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