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Gallup has a new poll out that measures the public’s beliefs about the moral propriety of certain behaviors.  This is not the same thing, obviously, as to whether such policies should be legal.  The following are the ones relevant to our discussions here: From the Poll:

- Doctor assisted suicide: “Morally Acceptable”—45%.  “Morally Wrong:” 48%

- Abortion: MA-39%. MW-51%

- Buying and Wearing Clothing Made From Animal Fur: - MA 56%: MW 39%.

- Medical Testing on Animals: MA 55%. MW 38%.

- Cloning Animals: MA 32%.  MW 62%

- Medical Research Using Stem Cells Obtained From Human Embryos: MA 62%.  MW 30%.

- Suicide: MA 15%. MW 80%.

- Cloning Humans: MA 12%.  MW 84%.

Very interesting, and for me, alarming.  Why would 45% support doctor assisted suicide as morally acceptable, but only 15% “suicide?”  I think it is the authority of the physician and the implication of suicide for terminal illnesses (which is, of course, baloney).  But suicide is suicide.  The more people accept the former, the greater will be the acceptance of the latter.  Indeed, I did an NPR interview on KPCC this AM, in which almost all the younger callers said that if people really wanted to die, we should make it easy for them.  Very alarming, reflecting in my view, a loss of care and connection with our fellows.

I find it very alarming that so many people oppose animal research despite the great benefit we receive.  Indeed, as many oppose animal research—an urgent matter— as wearing fur, a matter of style.

I am puzzled why similar numbers support human ESCR, and oppose animal cloning.  I think the opposition to human cloning refers in people’s minds to a cloned baby being born.  It would be interesting to see how many would oppose creating human cloned embryos for use in research.

All in all, I think this poll reflects the conflict brought about by the coup de culture that seeks to supplant Judeo/Christian moral belief (as opposed to faith) as the basis for our society, with one that is highly utilitarian and hedonistic.

Time will tell how this all plays out.  I welcome your comments, but please, let’s not get into the non SHS issues such as divorce or adultery.  Thanks.

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