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More news from the economy destroying hysteria to global warming front.  Now that the 100 watt incandescent light bulb is to be banned, welcome its Green replacement—at a hefty $50 per bulb.  From the story:

Two leading makers of lighting products are showcasing LED bulbs that are bright enough to replace energy-guzzling 100-watt light bulbs set to disappear from stores in January. Their demonstrations at the LightFair trade show in Philadelphia this week mean that brighter LED bulbs will likely go on sale next year, but after a government ban takes effect. The new bulbs will also be expensive — about $50 each — so the development may not prevent consumers from hoarding traditional bulbs.

The technology in traditional “incandescent” bulbs is more than a century old. Such bulbs waste most of the electricity that feeds them, turning it into heat. The 100-watt bulb, in particular, produces so much heat that it’s used in Hasbro’s Easy-Bake Oven. To encourage energy efficiency, Congress passed a law in 2007 mandating that bulbs producing 100 watts worth of light meet certain efficiency goals, starting in 2012. Conventional light bulbs don’t meet those goals, so the law will prohibit making or importing them. The same rule will start apply to remaining bulbs 40 watts and above in 2014. Since January, California has already banned stores from restocking 100-watt incandescent bulbs.

But there is good news: A 75 watt bulb will only cost $40!

Great.  Now instead of taking the family to the movies for a fun evening, dad and mom will have to spend that money instead on a new bulb to light the porch.  This is why I call it global warming hysteria. Maybe if the bulb manufacturers move to San Francisco, they can get an Obamacare waiver so they can reduce the price to $48.

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