. . . allegedly is the candidate who benefits most from Daniels’ untimely withdrawal. I admit he’s surely better than Pawlenty—who called Mitch is an “intellectual heavyweight” yesterday (in comparison, he should have added, to himself). Isn’t Huntsman, as USA TODAY says today, “eerily” similar to Romney: Good-looking, highly competent, really rich (with rich daddies, to begin with) Mormon former governors with significant flip-flopping issues? They’re even distant cousins. As far as I can tell, Romney is more sound and just better, if somewhat less cool (Huntsman was in a rock band and has a motorcyle and is overall just younger and more stylish). A primary contest where an evangelical electorate would be choosing between two Mormon guys would be full of irony, of course. But my thought is they would both be decimated by (even) living-on-the-edge Michele Bachmann.

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