A link to this old 2002 interview of me by the radical transhumanist, J.  Hughes, came over the transom today.  This was recorded only shortly after I became involved with the animal rights issue and two years before I published Consumer’s Guide to a Brave New World.  This was when I was just beginning to broaden my areas of concern beyond assisted suicide and bioethics to think about other issues dealing with human exceptionalism, although I wasn’t yet using that term, and my thinking in these areas was not yet fully formed (and still isn’t, for that matter).

It is Part 2 of a longer interview that I can’t find in a linkable format.  Part 1, dealt with transhumanism.  This deals mostly with animal rights.   I plead guilty to being “anthropocentric.”  J gets emotionally in touch with his inner eugenicist, calling a developmentally disabled man I once cared for my “pet.” Interesting blast from the past.  Here’s the link.

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