Via Mark DeGirolami at Mirror of Justice, I see that Italy is contemplating a ban of veils worn by Muslim women:

An Italian parliamentary commission on Tuesday approved a draft law banning women from wearing veils that cover their faces in public.

The draft passed by the constitutional affairs commission would prohibit women from wearing a burqa, naqib or any other garb that covers the face in such circumstances.

Third parties who force women to cover their faces in public would be fined euro30,000 ($43,000) and face up to 12 months in jail, the news agency ANSA said.

Italy is the latest European country to act against the burqa. France and Belgium have banned the wearing of burqa-style Islamic dress in public, as has a city in Spain.

The law was sponsored by Souad Sbai, a Moroccan-born member of Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative Freedom People party.

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