Jonathan Last argues that Romney is in huge trouble because he is a mediocre-to-lousy campaigner with no real support base and no real principles.  I think Last very slightly overstates his case.  Romney’s campaign for the governorship in 2002 was pretty good.  On, the other hand, it was the fourth of four straight Republican gubernatorial wins in Massachusetts (Bill Weld and Paul Cellucci won the other three.)  This will leave a mark:

“It’s funny that Romney’s line of attack on Perry seems to be that Perry is a “career politician” because he’s been in elective office since 1984. Well, Mitt Romney would have been a career politician too, if only voters would have let him. He’s been running since 1994. His real gripe about Perry is actually, “Hey, that guy wins all the time! No fair!””

Once again, not totally fair.  Romney did run an Olympics in there somewhere, but there is also some ugly truth.

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