Well it looks like Chris Christie might be thinking about getting into the presidential race.   Well, I hope he jumps in, but it occurs to that might be because I’m selfish.  If I cared a lot about Christie personally, I’d say that his chances of getting nominated and elected are less than 50/50, that he would be subjectiong himself to the combination marathon/quiz show/nationally televised prostate exam of the presidential contest and the most likely outcome is that it would compromise his ability to effectively do his job as governor of New Jersey and really hurt his reelection chances.

But I don’t know Christie or his family personally.  I do think he might have the qualities of determination, bluntness, seriousness about the issues, ability to talk to persuadable voters, and a certain kind of moderation that we need if we are to reform entitlements and health care policy in a right-of-center direction before we have a fiscal crisis.  I fear that the current Republican presidential candidates don’t have that combination of qualities.

So I hope he runs, but if he were my dad or spouse, I would suggest he didn’t.

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