1. Here’s some BIG THINKING on technology not in the classroom. It’s gotten a huge number of hits, appparently because of a controversy I didn’t know about over the Waldorf School.

2.The thread below and many others on the web show that the spirit of resistance to Romney is strong. As Jim said, he’s the last man standing but he’s still not winning. Already I can see the patriots with the muskets gathering around Ron Paul. They would rather die with Ron than win with Mitt. Big mistake. As Carl says in the thread, think about the Courts. And as Jim says, there’s no reason that more ideological Republicans won’t be able to work with the competent (that is—NOT BUSH) Romney. As Pete says, Paul’s economic policies are thoughtlessly radical, and his foreign policy is pretty close to an isolationist fantasy.

3. Carl’s creativity knows no bounds. I was reassured by what amounts to a very deep but still familiar interpretation of the Simon and Garfunkel song I (and everybody) actually knows well. But SHE AND HIM (who actually sound great) right after!

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