New Year’s Thoughts

between putting the baby to bed and watching the Twilight Zone marathon: 1.  I saw Romney’s stump speech on television.  It is pretty obviously a response to Obama’s Osawatomie speech on inequality by talking about opportunity etc..  I thought Romney’s speech needed . . . . Continue Reading »

Robinson’s Ressourcement

I shall now snootily subvert “the year in culture” blog post genre by linking to one from 2004.  A wonderful essay by Una Cadegan in the Confessing History volume (which I reviewed over here ), brought my attention to Judith Shulevitz’s 2004 wrap up in Slate , where she wrote . . . . Continue Reading »

Very Quick Points

No time to link, but: 1. Well, they have Paul on tape out of Sioux City talking about a UN takeover and impending violence in the streets—stock lines from his past. But there are several good articles talking about the importance of what he stands for in terms of domestic policy as the only . . . . Continue Reading »

Beware the “Rights of Nature”

As regular readers of Secondhand Smoke know, I am very concerned about the growing anti-humanism permeating enviromental advocacy.  It started, perhaps, with deep ecology—but is spreading now to the misanthropic ”rights of nature”—including I just found out, in . . . . Continue Reading »

Late Term Abortionists Charged With Murder

Two abortionist doctors have been charged with murder for the deaths of babies killed during late term abortions under Maryland’s viable fetus law. From the CBS Baltimore story:Two out-of-state doctors who traveled to Maryland to perform late-term abortions have been arrested and charged . . . . Continue Reading »

Libertarianism and Christianity

On this the penultimate day of the year, with just a few (too few, in my view) days to go until the Iowa caucuses (in which Ron Paul is a—not the—front-runner ), it’s worth spending a few moments thinking about the connection between libertartianism and Christianity. If Ayn Rand is . . . . Continue Reading »

How to Change Your Mind

[Note: I first wrote this two years ago, but I thought it might be worthwhile to post it again for the new year.] The beginning of a New Year is an an excellent time to try something new. As you make your list of resolutions and goals I want to recommend adding a simple four step process that could . . . . Continue Reading »