During 2011, First Things published (so far) 1,595 blog posts on First Thoughts. The following were the top ten most read*:

1. Amish Against Orange Produces Greatest Mugshot Ever , Joe Carter

2. Thoughts on the Penn State Scandal , Joe Carter

3. The Gurkha and the Forty Thieves , Joe Carter

4. Americans Believe There Are More Homosexuals in the U.S. Than There Are Catholics , Joe Carter

5. The Highway Department Has Some Explaining To Do , Joe Carter

6. Haunted by a Phantom Heresy , Matthew Cantirino

7. 13th Zodiac Sign Discovered: Jokesonyouicus , Anthony Sacramone

8. Yes, Evangelicals, There Really Is a Hell , Joe Carter

9. The World’s Most Expensive Photograph is Very Orange and Slightly Overpriced , Joe Carter

10. Why Are Catholics Swimming the Cumberland? , Joe Carter

* “Thirty Three Things” post and reprints of posts from previous years were excluded.

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