Over on TGC I offer some thoughts on what the European financial crisis has to do with theology:

All this culminated in cultures that made productivity —-improving the lives of others by responding to their authentic needs—-central to both individual and national identity. Scriptural treatment of this topic is extensive . Everything from the image of God to the Trinity to the prophets and parables is implicated in understanding productivity. Christians believe human beings are made in the image of a Father who creates from nothing; this explains why human work creates wealth rather than just moving it around. Christians believe in a divine Son who joined in mystical union with temporal and material humanity. Material activities like economic work are not separate from, and inferior to, “spiritual” activities. And Christians believe in a Spirit who liberates us from selfishness; this explains why life works best when people orient their daily lives around serving others.

Including some practical thoughts about what pastors can do about the crisis without overstepping the bounds of their proper role as pastors (not experts in politics and policy).

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